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Why PBM Healing?

PBM Healing brings a scientific approach to advancing dental treatment. Our highly innovative product line incorporates cutting-edge research with the best technology to change the way that dentistry is done.

Our line of dental products includes light and vibration therapy for Orthodontics and Implantology. We also have an at-home whitening kit that uses light to offer patients a pain-free whitening solution.

For Patients

  • PBM Healing Technologies will reduce your treatment time.
  • PBM Healing enables fewer appointments and less burnout.
  • It will decrease "missed worked days" for adult patients and school days for children.
  • Your treatment will be more comfortable.
  • Long-term retention and stability is better.

For Doctors

  • Faster treatment.
  • Better tracking -> Fewer refinements.
  • Fewer visits.
  • Higher value per visit.
  • Positive public relations .
  • Increased office profitability from resale of the device to the patient.
  • Independent of the type of treatment, can be used for both aligners or fixed appliances.

PBM Healing Products

The PBM Healing line of dental products includes light therapy for Orthodontics and Implantology. Our at-home whitening kit uses light to offer patients a pain-free whitening solution.

Faster Healing & Pain Reduction


Photobiomodulation therapy increases production ATP in cells allowing for faster healing of the bone and surrounding tissues.


Learn more about how this technology is used for implantology.
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The PBM Healing uses the energy delivered by LED’s, which gives a warm soothing effect along with the scientific benefits.

Discover more

Learn more about the science behind light therapy.
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Photobiomodulation is a therapy that uses red and near infra-red light to improve soft tissue healing, reduce inflammation, and soothe pain.


Learn more about the research done using Photobiomodulation in dentistry.
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