PBM Vibe should only be used for implant and bone grafting treatment and as prescribed by your dentist.
Do not use the device for non-orthodontic treatment.
If you experience any pain, discomfort or unusual feeling in the mouth or jaw immediately discontinue use and contact your dentist.

PBM Vibe uses micro-vibrations to help move teeth faster, seat aligners better and decrease pain.
The device generates high-frequency small-magnitude vibrations to help achieve these changes.

Yes. PBM Vibe can be used with either clear aligners or metal braces. There is no restriction on which Aligner system or metal system your dentist chooses to use for your treatment.

Yes, it has been demonstrated in trials to be safe to use.

Yes, you can take medications to help with the pain from your orthodontic treatment. Using PBM Vibe may decrease the need for and amount of pain medications you may need to take.

Using your PBM Vibe Device

The recommended treatment time is 5 minutes.

It is recommended to keep light firm pressure but not to bite hard as this may hurt your jaw and can damage the mouthpiece.

It is recommended to use PBM Vibration each time you place the aligner back into the mouth as one of its benefits is to help seat the aligners better. If you have metal braces generally one 5 minute treatment per day is sufficient.

Yes, you can do up to two treatments safely per day.

It is not recommended to use PBM Vibe if pregnant.

PBM devices are only meant for use by one person, and are not to be shared.

These are reasons you would not share a toothbrush – the same would apply to sharing a device as the mouthpiece can transmit any of the following:

  • Bleeding gums. A toothbrush can easily spread blood-borne illnesses. Why is that? “When some people brush, their gums bleed,” Moldovan says. “That can result in exposure to bacteria and viruses that can enter the bloodstream.”
  • Bacteria. A toothbrush can harbor streptococcus mutans – the same bacteria responsible for MRSA infections, flesh-eating bacteria and tooth decay.
  • Food particles. A toothbrush can expose you to what someone else ate for dinner, possibly even the day before. That is especially true when that person fails to rinse or brush properly.
  • Viruses. Viruses such as the herpes simplex type one can be spread with toothbrush use. This is the same virus responsible for oral and genital herpes. Another virus that can spread with toothbrush sharing is HPV (human papillomavirus). That virus is linked to esophageal, oral and cervical cancers.
  • Fungi. Maybe you don’t think of a toothbrush as a potential petri dish, but fungi such as candida (the fungus responsible for diaper rash and yeast infections) can live on toothbrushes.
  • Periodontal disease. One of the most common oral infections, periodontitis, can be spread via the toothbrush. There are a lot of implications to that, such as the potential loss of teeth, Moldovan says. “In this case, it’s also not just a problem that’s limited to the mouth,” she says. “Periodontal disease can affect the whole body.”

Caring for your PBM Vibe Device

The mouthpiece is manufactured from medical-grade biocompatible silicone and does not need any special cleaning or disinfection.

  1. Detach the mouthpiece from the battery pack.
  2. Wash it gently, using clean warm water or the aligner cleaner.
  3. To dry, lightly rub the mouthpiece with a clean dry towel and let it air dry. Do not shake or pat-down hard on the mouthpiece to dry it.

Cleaning is simple and should be done after removing the mouthpiece after every use.

No. Toothpaste and toothbrushing is not recommended to clean the mouthpiece.

Yes the mouthpiece can be placed in water but not the electrical cables.

To prevent the deterioration of the battery it is best that the battery is fully used before recharging.

Warranty & Damage

PHM Healing warrants to the Purchaser that for a period of one (2) years (“The Warranty Period” from the date of acceptance, that the Product shall be free from material defects in materials and workmanship.

PBM Healing’s Warranty does not extend to any Product that (a) is modified or altered by the Purchaser; (b) is not maintained or operated to PBM Healing’s recommendations set forth in the user manual actually received by the
Purchaser; (c) has its serial number removed or altered; or (d) is treated with abuse, negligence or other improper treatment (including, without limitation, use outside the recommended environment).

During the Warranty Period, PBM Healing will replace any defective product with a new comparably product. The Purchaser must return the defective Product to PBM Healing at its own cost for replacement.


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