Phototherapy enhances bone regeneration in sinus bone grafts

Phototherapy enhances bone regeneration in sinus bone grafts

Oct 26, 2022

(1) , Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Division of Periodontics and Private
Practice, London and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (2) , Private Practice, Nanaimo,British
Columbia, Canada.

This clinical report describes a direct sinus lift with BiOss graft placement
approximately 15mm in height, The treatment of the graft with a course of 10 mw
light therapy was utilized for a period of 10 minutes two times per day for 2 weeks
utilizing a Biolux Light Array. Subsequently the implant was placed at 4 weeks with
histology demonstrating almost complete turnover of the xenograft and replacement
with host bone.
Materials and methods: Utilizing a direct window approach a severely pneumatized
sinus was prepared for implant placement by augmenting the defect with BioOss
alone. Subsequently a course of light therapy was applied by the patient to stimulate
the healing process of the grafted bone and allow a faster implant placement.
At 4 weeks a flapless 2mm bone core biopsy was obtained from the grafted site prior
to implant placement and the bone fixated in formalin. A histological analysis
demonstrated almost complete turnover of graft with host bone. The implant was
successfully placed into the previously grafted bone at a torque of 45 ncm. After a
conventional healing period of 3 months the implant was restored successfully
Results: The histological analysis of the grafted bone demonstrated a robust healing
process in response to the light therapy.Almost all the BioOss had been replaced with
autogenous bone.This allowed a much shorter treatment time period than
conventional sinus lift bone grafts of the magnitude completed in this case study.
Conventional healing times approach 6 -9 months prior to implant placement.The
patient underwent a non complicated healing period after the bone graft and light
therapy and was able to receive placement of the implant in a much shorter time
period than conventional treatment without the bone stimulating effect of the light

The utilization of light therapy in conjunction with bone grafting can accelerate the
healing process and allow faster implant placement than under conventional
treatment regimens.

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